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Body In Motion Physical Therapy

We are happy to announce we have partnered with Body In Motion Physical Therapy. They are in-house and treat active adults of all ages who are motivated and committed to working hard to get out of pain and better their lives.

Holly Boss, MS, PT, Cert. MDT Founder, Body In Motion Physical Therapy

Body In Motion Physical Therapy owner Holly Boss, MS, PT, Cert MDT, is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience getting people back to the activities that they love pain-free.  Certified in the McKenzie Method, Holly’s approach blends customized corrective exercise, manual therapy, and coaching to help active adults achieve their goals.  Holly excels in treating a variety of conditions from back pain to headaches to sports injuries.  All treatment sessions are completely 1:1 with a highly-qualified physical therapist to ensure the highest standard of care.


Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: 1 hour session that includes a complete history, full movement exam, manual therapy, corrective exercise prescription, and development of individualized treatment plan.  Follow-up sessions are all 1 hour.  Recommended if pain is the chief issue.

Cup, Scrape, Move, and Tape: a 30-minute session just for Hidden Physique members!  Session includes a brief movement exam to help direct treatment.  The exam is followed by soft tissue work including instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, and manually-guided movement, and will also include kinesiotaping to affected areas, if indicated.  Recommended for optimizing performance and recovery.

Pricing varies according to type of service and number of sessions purchased.  Contact Holly for more information.





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